What's Your Next Challenge?

If you are feeling challenged to manage in the current world of work, you are not alone! Having a coach can help to enhance your leadership and management capacity for further success.
We can provide you with strategic tools to become a more resilient and empowered leader, capable of meeting high demands, without burning out.
For whatever reasons, if you are unhappy where you are, or don’t know what you want to do next, our career coaching will help you gain the clarity you need to make that next move.

If any of these fit your challenge, you’re in the right place!

What Our Clients Say

“Iris Newalu masterfully designs Women’s Leadership Development programs that help women maximize their personal and professional potential. She expertly weaves content to create an experience for women to learn and practice concepts to enhance their careers and strengthen their organizations. I have consistently been amazed by the deep thoughtfulness she applies to tailor each program for the unique needs of participants and organizations. An organization looking to promote and retain talent will be lucky to get Iris on their team.” "
Iris Firstenberg, Adjunct Professor
Dept. of Psychology, UCLA Anderson School of Management
“Unlike other coaches who wear the title of leadership coach, Iris Newalu truly is a leadership expert. As someone who has worked with her for many years, I have watched her transform women into powerful confident leaders. She has a warm authentic style, is easy to relate to and provides realistic practical tips that help others stay true to themselves. Her leadership programs are among the best I’ve ever seen.”
Karen Friedman, author and communications expert
Karen Friedman Enterprises
"After many years of professional administration in healthcare, I had reached a point in my life where I was quite stuck. I wanted to change what I was doing to reflect the person I was now and the evolution of my values. Coaching with Iris helped cut through months of agonizing and resistance to change. She helped me think through what it was I really wanted to do at this point in my life. Once a direction became clear, Iris gave me concrete strategies to take and was very supportive throughout the whole process. Within a very short time, I was able to completely change direction and find a position which matched the current direction of my life. Iris was an essential part of this successful process."
Rene Theberge, Fmr. Associate Director, Center for Mindfulness in Medicine
Healthcare and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School
“I met Iris at a time that I was desperately seeking a mentor. She challenged me look into my own strengths and work through the barriers I had put up for myself. Her coaching allowed me to tackle difficult questions and to approach opportunities without hesitancy, and find the confidence to embrace a new challenge. Iris helped me realize my potential and drive for my work and how to use my voice and organization development skills for relationship building and positive change. I now confidently utilize my once stifled work style and identify solutions to workplace obstacles with determination and thoughtful execution. Thank you, Iris, for being this support for me. I truly appreciate your generosity and compassion. You have a gift and I am fortunate to have had this time with you.
Elizabeth Hansen
(Ret.) Senior Manager, Johnson & Johnson
“Prior to working with Iris, I was personally unhappy with my work and felt stuck. I had no idea what I wanted to do. Iris’ experience guiding many through this coaching process was immediately evident. She has a sensitivity and insight that helped me to open myself to a new world of possibility. Understanding my strengths was the foundation of our work. Her coaching was always insightful and eventually led me to genuinely connect with my passions. I feel alive again and excited as I move forward in my new business.”
Executive Coaching Client
US Manager, Import Company
“Working with a coach is something that I’ve never experienced before. I had the great fortune to work with Iris Newalu over several months and it’s difficult to contain the joy I feel having just completed this part of our work together. I’m a different person from when we started. I know what I want now and already taking the steps to create it.”
Donna O’Sullivan
Owner, Photography Business
“Coaching with Iris, I saw through my self-negating reasons to a place of genuinely connecting to, “I can do this!” I really came to see that, as women especially, there’s always the nagging sense of ‘not good enough’ and a way to sabotage myself. To see this with greater clarity opens the door to all possibilities. I’m extremely grateful to Iris for helping me make this journey such a liberating one!”
Executive Coaching Client
Business Owner
“Iris has a breadth of knowledge in developing leaders in the world. Working with her over the past nine years in developing women has been a delight. She has a passion for development and the desire to be a true thought partner with companies in order to keep learning solutions fresh and exciting.”
Paula Sparks, Former Leadership Development Manager
John Deere Co.
“Iris has a clear and compelling vision of how best to mine the talents and potential of women managers and leaders in an organization. Her extensive hands-on experience - successfully designing initiatives for women - is the key to her success. Iris’ wealth of insights into challenges faced by women in the workplace; her wide-ranging experience in addressing those issues; and her creative, engaging designs; all demonstrate her considerable proficiency in successfully creating world-class women’s initiatives which get results.”
John Thomas, Vice President
The Regis Company