Leadership & Executive Coaching

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Organizations understand that there is a business imperative today for developing, advancing, and retaining their high-achieving female leaders and the value that a diverse workforce brings. Having worked with mid-career managers, directors, and senior executives for over 20 years, has given me insight into clear models of what works and what does not. A customized approach to coaching works far better for the individual and their organization.

Transitioning to a Higher Leadership Role

Coaching is most effective when the client is transitioning into a higher leadership role with more responsibilities, leading a new team, needing to enhance self-confidence and executive presence, and wanting to learn how to better manage stress to avoid burnout. Strategic action plans are co-created to address behavioral changes and achievement goals.

We know you are highly ambitious, creative, and driven leaders who are under enormous pressure these days to perform at the highest level. And you often feel alone at the top.

Strategic Thought Partnership

As your coach, at times I act as your strategic thought partner, or trusted adviser. The trust and confidentiality between the coach and client is what allows for transformational discussions that have the capacity to solve problems, accelerate professional growth, and find you the right balance you’re looking for at work.

I meet you where you are and strategically co-envision and co-create a path where you can increase your ability to produce extraordinary results and reach your fullest potential.

Typical Coaching Engagement

To overcome behavioral blind spots and meet specific goals, a typical coaching engagement lasts six to twelve months. Because of the value found in the coaching relationship many engagements last much longer. For many clients their companies are willing to provide for coaching, as it will grow their leadership capacity.

We seek to empower strategic leaders who will lead with vision, clarity, and empathy, and who can inspire and motivate others towards a common goal.

Lead in Business. Lead in Life.