Executive Coaching

“What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”

~ Marshall Goldsmith

Executive Coaching for Organizations

We offer executive coaching programs to empower clients to accelerate their leadership capacity and team management effectiveness, increase emotional and social intelligence, and become more self-aware of the behaviors that get in the way of high performance leadership. We do a thorough assessment that includes 360-degree evaluations and in-depth interviews to design specific actions and strategies for the individual. Regular coaching engagements are reinforced with practical exercises to sustain the client’s ongoing success and development. Shadow coaching is also available should the client wish to be observed in their leadership role.

Executive coaching is most effective when the client is transitioning into a new leadership role with more responsibilities, taking on a new team, needing to enhance self-confidence and executive presence, and to learn how to better manage stress to avoid burnout. Strategic action plans are co-created to address both behavioral changes and achievement goals that the client is addressing.

Our typical coaching engagement is for six months, although some last longer, with weekly one-hour sessions done through Skype, Zoom, or phone allowing for maximum flexibility. Executive coaching is paid for either by individuals or by their companies. Often managers will support coaching if they see that it will help grow your leadership capacity.

Career Coaching for Individuals

We offer one-on-one personal and career coaching for those seeking to advance in their careers, feeling stuck, currently in transition, launching a new business, and for those who are overworked and overwhelmed and need help building resilience to avoid burnout.

For women thinking about exiting corporate careers and wanting a new direction, we help you design a life that gives you the vitality, joy, and the freedom you are looking for in this next chapter. We coach and facilitate you through a successfully proven and structured process that is guaranteed to bring about clarity and direction.

We will co-create a strategic plan and the actions you will need to take to embrace your next chapter. First, we use an effective tool to discover where your energy and passion are now, and how to bring all of that together in a new life.

We’ll be happy to discuss our coaching programs and costs with you.