Workshop Facilitation

We specialize in designing custom workshops and programs for professional leadership development, as well as ready-to-go workshops that can be delivered in half or full-day sessions.

Our current offerings:

Strengths-based Leadership

Strengths-based leadership is centered in the theory of maximizing the potential in people and organizations by focusing on and continuously developing inner talents, rather than concentrating on deficiencies. This work comes from the Gallup 40-year study of human strengths, integrating what we know now as positive psychology. Many organizations today are realizing that it is more efficient to invest in their people’s strengths for optimal productivity and success than fixating on weaknesses. We give you the tools to discover and understand your own strengths, as well as your team’s, and how to consciously develop them. These tools lead to more positive interactions with co-workers, to achieving more, and being more innovative on a daily basis.

Coaching Tools for Managers

Managers and leaders will develop the mindset of coaching as a management tool and understand the neuroscience of developing high performing teams. This workshop will teach the art of asking good questions to bring forth creative solutions and facilitate positive change by improving thinking. In the process of learning to coach others, managers will expand their own growth mindset and capacity to influence behavioral change. Learning to give useful, mindful, and non-judgmental feedback is a direct outcome of coaching.

Executive Presence for Leaders

This workshop focuses on understanding and being able to identify what exactly “executive presence” is and how to develop it. Learning the three most essential qualities of executive presence will take the mystery out of it and provide real ground for developing those qualities in oneself. Understanding how to manage messages decisively and build on a reputation of respect, honesty, and clear vision will grow the leader into her own executive presence. Leaders will learn to create and own their own leadership narrative and communicate it with candor, confidence, and authenticity.

Practicing Resilience and Managing Energy in High Stress Situations

Learning to deal with the stress of being overworked and overwhelmed and how to leverage that stress for more energy in a dynamically changing environment is the core of this workshop. Seeing the upside of stress and how to reframe it shifts us into more freedom from reaction and into a heightened state of awareness and increased energy. Our research tells us that those who come to see stress as something to embrace and not to avoid will be better able to stay productive, energized, and healthier in the long run. We will learn and practice mindfulness skills to de-trigger highly demanding situations and build on stress-resilient daily habits to help us rise to the challenges of work and life.